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Checkmate or Headshot! What’s your Forte?

Checkmating the king or eliminating the kingpin on the streets of L.A?  Each of these is challenging in its way and requires quite a lot of intellect. Strategies need to be implemented to acquire a victory in both. 

Chess is a game that sharpens the mind and improves your cognitive skills as well as teaches you the skill of decision making, whereas video games boost your motor skills, instincts and multitasking abilities. There is one factor that differentiates the two. Sometimes, you might get a respawn in video games, but if a move is played in chess, you cannot undo the move. It’s done. Just like the actions you take in life are permanent and they have an impact on your future. Chess inculcates learnings and certain insights that every individual benefits from implementing in their daily life.

Chess teaches you how to keep your cool even under pressure. It teaches your patience, resilience and concentration and enhances your observational skills, some of the major life lessons that take years to comprehend and implement in your life. On the other hand, individuals who play video games have better hand-eye coordination, and better observational skills and their decision-making skills are quite impeccable in certain scenarios and enhance their cognitive ability and observational skills. Games also tend to increase self-confidence in individuals when they complete an achievement in a certain game. Playing certain games that have an interesting storyline and are popular in the market can be a point of discussion and help develop social skills. 

Though there seems to be quite a contrast between Chess and Video Games, that is not the case at all. The passion for chess, the old school way with a physical board and carved wooden pieces is already quite well established, however, since the era of digitalization Chess has adapted into a video game format that can be played conveniently on any portable electronic device with a new modern touch of different modes like player vs AI or multiplayer. There is now a craze for chess video games amongst a lot of well-renowned content creators who are playing chess for entertainment or organising tournaments and presenting the platform to young aspiring chess players who otherwise don’t have the resources or the means to showcase their talents to the world. The integration of video games and chess has opened an avenue for all chess lovers and gamers out there to enjoy, compete and create visibility for themselves on the internet. 

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