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SMCA Chess WORT (Weekly Online Rapid’s Tournament) – 20th Edition – 25th March 2021

The 20th Edition of the SMCA Chess WORT (Weekly Online Rapids Tournament) had an amazing turnout with an ample number of students from our Regular Group Class batches participating. The tournament involves duelling of the minds, just as arm wrestling is duelling of strength. The competition, while challenging, allows for players to improve their game through practice and experience. The Chess WORT is held on exclusively for SMCA students and it has 2 categories: ‘Champions’ & ‘Challengers’. The Champions’ category had participants who had been winners in the last Editions of the tournament while the Challengers’ category had relatively new players. In this tournament, we had 16 participants from the champions’ side and 24 participants from the challengers’ side.

The parents of these children are also happy to see their dedication to the tournament. Shaurya’s parents said, “Shaurya is eager to participate every chance he gets. Usually, he marks this time not to schedule anything else during these tournaments. Shaurya has been steadily improving in his game over the period we have been associated with SMCA. Most importantly he enjoys the learning sessions and the tournament. Shaurya is very happy with this achievement. Very thankful to his Sir for the guidance.”

Our other winner Adhiraj’s parents said, “My son loves to play the Rapid Tournament. SMCA is excellent for coaching. All the coaches are very knowledgeable and nudge the kids to push beyond their limits by encouraging a lot of thinking, evaluation and analysis. He was very excited to win the tournament.”

Our Top 3 Champions for the 20th Edition of the SMCA Chess WORT are:
PositionName & City
🥇– 1stDivij Jain, Delhi
🥈– 2ndAdhiraj Bhandari, Mumbai
🥉– 3rdVaibhav Shenoy, Hyderabad
Our Top 3 Challengers for the 20th Edition of the SMCA Chess WORT are:
PositionName & City
🥇– 1stAarush Kumar, Pune
🥈– 2ndShaurya Kenia, Mumbai
🥉– 3rdAnushka Naik, Mumbai

To know your kid’s standing in the 15th Edition of the SMCA Chess WORT, please visit: or

The next edition of the Chess WORT shall be held on 1st April 2021.
The Top 2 winners of each Category (Challengers & Champions) will each get the following cash prizes:
  • 1st Place – INR 300/-
  • 2nd Place – INR 200/-

For queries, assistance & guidelines to join the tournament please contact us on +91 9987797792


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