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SMCA Chess WORT (Weekly Online Rapid’s Tournament) – 17th Edition – 4th March 2021

The 17th Edition of the SMCA Chess WORT was held on 4th March 2021 on platform for SMCA students and it had 2 categories: ‘Champions’ & ‘Challengers’ The Champions’ category had participants who had been winners in the last editions of the tournament while Challengers’ category had relatively new players. In this tournament, we had 20 participants for champions category and 26 participants for challengers category.

It has been an amazing platform for our students to showcase their chess prowess by competing with their peers & knowing where they stand amongst themselves.

Keshav stood first in the challengers’ category, according to him “Online rapid tournament is excellent as it improves our chess knowledge and I enjoy it. On winning a tournament I was proud of myself.” Our other winner Advait also thinks the same, he said that winning this tournament feels really good and it’s a great encouragement. Advait’s parents said, “ Advait loved the tournament. It’s very challenging. SMCA has been a fun and learning experience. Advait says he likes his coach and has learnt a lot.”

According to Vaibhav’s parents “Vaibhav likes playing rapid tournaments. He likes blitz too. As parents, we prefer rapid tournaments, as he gets time to think and play. We would suggest having rapid tournaments only, as in real chess there is plenty of time to play and it won’t be like a video game in real life chess. Vaibhav of course feels very happy to win the tournament. He wants to continuously improve and win.”

Our Top 3 Champions for the 17th Edition of the SMCA Chess WORT are:
PositionName & City
🥇– 1stVaibhav, Hyderabad
🥈– 2ndSmit Shreyas Adhikari, Mumbai
🥉– 3rdSuraj, Pune
Our Top 3 Challengers for the 17th Edition of the SMCA Chess WORT are:
PositionName & City
🥇– 1stKeshav Poddar, Kolkata
🥈– 2ndKanav Bansal, Bangalore
🥉– 3rdAdvait Mittal, Bangalore

To know your kid’s standing in the 17th Edition of the SMCA Chess WORT, please visit: or

The next edition of the Chess WORT shall be held on 11th March 2021.
The Top 2 winners of each Category (Challengers & Champions) will each get the following cash prizes:
  • 1st Place – INR 300/-
  • 2nd Place – INR 200/-

For queries, assistance & guidelines to join the tournament please contact us on +91 9987797792


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