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Mastermind Chess Academy from Chennai clinches the 4th Inter-city Invitational Chess Championship!

South Mumbai Chess Academy’s 4th Inter-city Invitational Chess Tournament was held on the 22nd of November 2020. The tournament was a team championship with participants between FIDE ELO Rating of 1000-1500 Points. The fourth edition of the tournament had a total of 10 participating teams. The 4th edition of the tournament was held on SMCA’s tournament portal, unlike the previous three times when it was held on

The participating academies for the 4th Edition of the tournament were as follows:

Maestro Chess Academy(MCA) – Hyderabad, Team A, B & C: Maestro Chess Academy is headed by FIDE Instructor Amithpal Singh. Coach Amithpal has been teaching chess for 20+ years. MCA has groomed budding champions and shaped their chess careers since 2013. They participated in the last 2 edition of the tournament as well. This time they sent in 3 teams for the tournament.

Mastermind Chess Academy (MMCA): Chennai, Team A & B: Mastermind Chess Academy is headed by Senior Coach & FIDE Arbiter C Natarajan. MMCA has produced many rated players in it’s the lifespan of over 20+ years.

Matrix Chess Academy/Club, Delhi & Gurgaon: Matrix Chess Academy is founded & headed by FIDE Trainer Prasenjit Dutta. Matrix has been a chess pioneer in north India since the foundation. They have produced many world-class players. Matrix has been consistently sending 4 teams for the tournament.

South Mumbai Chess Academy (SMCA) – Mumbai & Rajahmundry: South Mumbai Chess Academy has been founded by FIDE Trainer Balaji Guttula & FIDE Rated Player Nagesh Guttula. SMCA has been imparting chess coaching to its students since 1996. Having produced National & International Champions and Rated players over the years.

A total of 83 players participated in the tournament that took place on 22nd November 2020.

The final team standings of the tournament are as follows:
  • Mastermind Chess Academy (Team A), Chennai – 24 Points
  • Matrix Chess Academy, Haryana – 22 Points
  • Matrix Chess Academy, Delhi – 22 Points
  • South Mumbai Chess Academy (Team A) – 20.5 Points
  • Maestro Chess Academy (Team A), Hyderabad – 19.5 Points
  • Matrix Chess Club – 14 Points
  • Maestro Chess Academy (Team B), Hyderabad – 13 Points
  • South Mumbai Chess Academy (Team B) – 11.5 Points
  • Mastermind Chess Academy (Team B), Chennai – 10.5 Points
  • Maestro Chess Academy (Team C), Hyderabad – 10.5 Points
The top 3 Player performances from yesterday’s tournament are as follows:
  • Liban Reyhan from Mastermind Chess Academy, Chennai – 5 Points
  • Sankalp Auro from Matrix Chess Academy, Gurgaon – 5 Points
  • Krishna K from Mastermind Chess Academy, Chennai – 5 Points

SMCA’s Co-Founder & Managing Director FT Balaji Guttula quotes, “We have had excellent participation for our Invitational Championship being held fortnightly four times in a row! It’s been amazing to watch the participants from all the teams are loving the format of the tournament. We have been aiming to reach more players, with a bigger audience and we hope to achieve it in the months to come.”

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