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SMCA Chess WORT (Weekly Online Rapid’s Tournament) – 6th Edition – 15th October 2020

The 6th Edition of the SMCA Chess WORT (Weekly Online Rapids Tournament) had an amazing turnout with 60 students participating. Our “WORT” has been a very good platform for kids to showcase their chess skills & know where they stand amongst their peers & fellow classmates. “Avi feels very good that he did so well. He is comfortable with the online tournament format. Till now, we are satisfied with SMCA.” says our student & 6th Edition Tournament’s winner Avi Chugh’s father Pranshu Chugh.
Our second place holder Shiv Vyas’s Parents also praised SMCA stating, “As parents, we can see SMCA has provided very good professional training and at the same time tournament exposure to Shiv and we can see very good progress in Shiv’s Game and his confidence level.”

Our top 3 of the 6th Edition of WORT were:
PositionName & City
🥇– 1stAvi Chugh, Mumbai
🥈– 2ndShiv Vyas, Pune
🥉– 3rdHridhaan Domale, Pune

To know your kid’s standing in the 6th Edition of the SMCA Chess WORT, please visit:

“I like the Online Rapid tournament lot as this platform gives us the opportunity to play chess with different and many players from the academy. I want to thank my coach Ramana Sir for his guidance & help. I am feeling very happy and I want to play more such tournaments.” says Shiv Vyas from Amanora School, Pune.

The next edition of the WORT shall be held on 22nd October 2020!
The top 3 winners will get the following cash prizes for the coming tournament:

  • 1st Place – INR 450/-
  • 2nd Place – INR 300/-
  • 3rd Place – INR 250/-
    For queries, assistance & guidelines to join the tournament please contact us on +91 9987797792


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