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SMCA’s first invitational Club tournament goes a big hit

South Mumbai Chess Academy (SMCA) organised and executed it’s first Inter-city Invitational Chess Club Tournament for players having a FIDE rating ELO of 1500 and less.

In a fast paced world, where people hardly have time and patience for things, everyone seems to be in the zone for playing Blitz games. SMCA’s tournament has been a breeze of fresh air with it’s Rapid format having games of 30-40 minutes each! “The children of our Academy really enjoyed the competitive nature of the tournament.” quotes C Natarajan, FIDE Arbiter & the head of Mastermind Chess Academy, Chennai.

The participating Academies were:

Kings’ Chess Academy (KCA), Hyderabad: Kings’ Chess Academy, spearheaded by FIDE Instructor M Arun was established in the year 2009 and has since been very much present in the Chess circles in India & abroad with their online coaching.

Maestro Chess Academy(MCA), Hyderabad: Maestro Chess Academy is headed by FIDE Instructor Amithpal Singh. Coach Amithpal has been teaching chess for 20+ years. MCA has groomed budding champions and shaped their chess careers since 2013.

Mastermind Chess Academy (MMCA), Chennai: Mastermind Chess Academy is headed by Senior Coach & FIDE Arbiter C Natarajan. MMCA has produced many rated players in it’s lifespan of over 20+ years.

Matrix Chess Academy, Delhi & Gurgaon: Matrix Chess Academy is founded & headed by FIDE Trainer Prasenjit Dutta. Matrix has been a chess pioneer in north India since it’s foundation. They have produced many world class players.

South Mumbai Chess Academy (SMCA), Mumbai: South Mumbai Chess Academy has been founded by FIDE Trainer Balaji Guttula & FIDE Rated Player Nagesh Guttula. SMCA has been imparting chess coaching to it’s students since 1996. Having produced National & International Champions and Rated players over the years.

A total of 76 players participated in the tournament that took place on 20th September 2020.
The competition was cut-throat. ”I was really delighted playing the championship which helped me enhance my game.” said 11 year old Shanmukha Reddy who scored the highest points in the tournament. Average scores were calculated from amongst the top 6 players from each team. SMCA’s team won the Tournament with 26.5(Out of 30) Points, 1 point ahead of Mastermind Chess Academy, Chennai.

The final standings are as follows (Average points of Top 6 players considered):
  • South Mumbai Chess Academy, Mumbai – 26.5 points
  • Mastermind Chess Academy, Chennai – 25.5 points
  • Matrix Chess Academy, Delhi – 22.5 points
  • Matrix Chess Academy, Gurgaon – 20 points
  • Maestro Chess Academy, Hyderabad – 17 points
  • Kings’ Chess Academy, Hyderabad – 11 points
The top 3 players performances are as follows:
  • Shanmukha Reddy from SMCA, Mumbai – 5 Points
  • Aisha Wadhwani from Matrix Chess Academy, Gurgaon – 5 Points
  • Gokul Ramanathan from Mastermind Chess Academy, Chennai – 5 Points

“With the success of the first Invitational Team Championship, hopefully we’ll be doubling the participants in the next tournament. Our target is to reach 1000 participants in the months to follow.” says Mr Nagesh Guttula, Director & CEO of South Mumbai Chess Academy.
The 2nd Inter-city Chess Club Tournament shall be organised by South Mumbai Chess Academy on 11th October 2020. Please contact us if you’d be interested to participate in it.


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