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The Formula for Playing a Chess Tournament

Chess, one of the oldest games, boasts of Indian origins back in the 6th century AD. The game became notably popular in all of Asia by the end of 10th century AD, spreading its branches to the Middle East and Europe. The 20th century witnessed professional players competing for officially recognized world championships and lucrative prizes. Organized chess tournaments, internet chess, and postal correspondence games are common sights in today’s world.

The South Mumbai Chess Academy is a renowned chess coaching institute that organizes such tournaments. SMCA endeavors to make a difference in society by providing equal opportunities to all players, solely based on their merit and skills for the game. Unlike other chess classes, it focuses efforts on bridging the gap between dreams and success for every child.

Listed below are the rules approved by FIDE that SMCA abides by for tournament chess games:


The touch and move rule has to be followed strictly. If the player touches one of his own pieces, then he must move that piece. If he touches a piece of the opponent, then he must capture that piece. If a player decides to let go a piece, then it should be left there.

Play clocks

A chess clock consists of two separate clocks that run independently of each other. When the button on one side is pressed that player’s clock stops and the other player’s clock start. The aim is to track the total time taken by each player to make his moves. If the player exceeds his available time to make a move, then he loses the game. The opponent is supposed to point this out according to the rule. However, if he does not then the play goes on.

Recording the moves

During chess tournaments, it is necessary for both chess players to record their moves in algebraic notations. When the game finishes, both players are required to sign a score sheet.

No interference

No third party is allowed to interfere when the game is on. The players are not allowed to ask for suggestions from anyone. If you are a spectator to a chess game, then you are allowed to walk through the playing area but quietly.


Chess is a quiet game that requires a keen focus and concentration. Making noise, talking, moving tables or chairs, etc. that is sure to disturb players is forbidden. Exceptions are made to indicate the violation of rules such as an illegal move.

Illegal moves

If the chess player makes an illegal move then the opponent is given the benefit of an extra 2 minute period to make a his move. If the same player makes an illegal move for the second time then the game shall be deemed lost by the offending player.

Scoring the moves

The players score one point for a win, half a point for a draw, and zero if he loses. The player with the maximum number of points wins the game.

Conduct of the players

It is necessary for all players to observe the code of conduct when playing the game. Players are not allowed to cheat. The use of mobile phones and other electronic means of communication is forbidden. The player instantly loses the game if found with any such device. The participants are not allowed to distract or annoy their competitors in any way.

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