Effective Russian Methods of Training:

Students are trained according to effective Russian methods of training as suggested by world's best chess trainers. A magnetic demonstration board is used for training. The academy is conducting batches for different playing standards, i.e. from beginners to internationally rated players.

Practice Sessions:

Regular practice sessions are conducted as a part of preparation for the tournaments.

Analytical Session:

Analytical session is conducted after each tournament. Games played by students under strict tournament conditions are analyzed.

Introduction to Basic Level Training

Pawn Level

Introduction to chessboard and pieces and their values, object of the game, placement of chessboard, and arranging the pieces, movement of each price, exchange of pieces checking the king, getting out of check, checkmate, special moves like castling and en-passant paw capture, Rule of touch and moving, illegal moves, who a game is drawn, chess notations i.e. recording a game while playing.

Knight Level

Elementary checkmates like two rook mate, queen mate, one rook mate and double bishops mate, problem solving - checkmate in one move (around 20 different positions are covered), checkmate in two move (around 40 different positions are covered)

Rook Level

Problem solving - checkmate in three moves (around 30 different positions are covered), revision of elementary checkmate and en-passant pawn capture,A few guiding principal of opening part of the game like, control of the centre, development of the pieces, minimum pawn move etc.

Queen Level

Middle game combination techniques like Pin, Knight Fork, Double attack, Skewer, Back Rank, Discovered attack, Discovered Check, Decoy, Destroying the Defender, Deflection, Overloaded Piece, Line Opening and Line Closing, Square Vacation, Passes Pawn, X-rays, Windmills, Zwischenzug, Draw by Repetition, and Stalemate, Smothered Mate.

King Level

Basic Endgame ideas of King and Pawn endings like concept, of opposition, Berger's rule of Square, concept of triangulation, Rook and pawn ending (Basic positions like Philidor's Drawn position, Lucena's winning position etc.) Other endgame patterns like Queen against advance Pawn, Queen Verses Rook, etc., elementary checkmate with Bishop and Knight.

Expectations from Parents

  • . Regular practice at Home
  • . Regular attendance
  • . Encourage student to participate in tournaments

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