Mrudul Dehankar : In the shoes of Judit Polgar

She is an absolute creation of nature, fashioned with immense talent!

For everybody else in the country Nagpur maybe synonymous to oranges, or perhaps one of the three cities from the Golden Triangle. However to any of us who have any inclination to the pro chess of the junior league in Maharashtra, nagpur has been synonymous to Divya Deshmukh.

However power is a very tricky asset for it shifts just as soon as there is a slightest movement in your position. And here we are, and it has shifted, not too far, but to another girl from Nagpur who seems to have just come out of nowhere and no happens to be the equal of Divya Deshmukh in terms of talent and soon enough we are guessing in her collection of laurels too. A glimpse of this was first seen recently in Goa, where Mrudul finished ahead of Divya. With this performance, she crossed the threshold of being ordinary and became extraordinary.

A string of Big Victories over the last six months brought Mrudul into national reckoning, she is currently the Nation's top player in the girls, U-11 category. After claiming the Gold at the National Schools that were recently held in Goa.

She is an absolute creation of nature, fashioned with immense talent and thus despite the fact that she entered the professional circuit only at the age of 7, unlike most champions that step into it in the formative years, she has re-compensated more than enough and now holds the scepter in her hand with pride and diligence.

She has been the Maharashtra State Champion multiple times, and the other crown jewels of this new found Queen are: Silver in the U-9 Nationals, 2013, 2014; Silver in Asian Youth in the U-10 in Uzbekistan. And she will now be the candidate to officially represent India in the Asian Youth And World Youth Championships, which are to be held in South Korea and Greece respectively.

And she may have it all right now, but this Dil Mange More starlet, along with her father Vilas, regret on every opportunity missed to make the country and state proud, as was the cause in 2012, when she did not receive clearance for Commonwealth and Asian Youth because of financial problem despite official clearance, but nothing can stop talent from finding its path.However to avoid this scenario in the future it would be great if they have sponsors backing them up. So Mrudul can fulfill her destiny and make our country proud.

Mrudul apart from being the marvelous chess player that she is, also happens to be a fabulous student academically. She always aces in her class, at the Bhavan's BP Vidya Mandir in Trimurti nagar, and as you can guess she is a total hit in her school. She plays basketball and badminton, when she is not being a sportsperson in training under her Coach, Gurpreet Maras, a determined coach in nagpur who who wants to turn the city into a Mecca for chess in Maharashtra.

Mrudul is a very different person, on and off the chess board and both equally fascinating and fierce aspects are reflected in everything she does, including her game. With the right amount of support she could be the country's next big, as there is a pool of talent waiting to be found in that girl.

Mrudul's role model, is a predecessor, who too made a start from where she is today. But today she is on the other side of the finish line. Where Mrudul one day hopes to be. None other than Judit Polgar, so much so that she has her poster in her room.

With a current ELO of 1674, after only four years of training and with no support from a sponsor, if she has come so far then she will definitely make it to the stars with that extra thrust. And hope that her value is recognized sooner than later.

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