Mr.Balaji guttula
VC & Chief Coach

Mr.Durga Nagesh Guttula
Director & CEO


It is a game in which there are many moves and out of that you choose one best move. Like that, in your life chess also helps to improve your ability to make the best decisions."

The general perception is that if you play chess it will help with your studies, especially in logical reasoning, mathematics, physics, and there are surveys which prove that chess players are better mathematicians. As far as ability goes, it's a good measure for intelligence. In a game of chess, there is no clear loser when it comes to learning the game.

We still do not have enough specialists to train young talented minds to bring out their amazing talent that they are born with. Many underestimate kid's abilities to learn and understand the game at a tender age. They are young and their minds are fresh and a lot less cluttered. The evidence is clear that playing chess benefits the mind in both young and old. We have to bred more and search for them to bring about proper awareness of chess, so that we can look forward to making chess a national sport in our country. It might be tough initially to work and publicize this game, but at least we can and we have been trying to work around this powerful mind game.

We are proud to have a chess genius like Vishwanathan Anand, in our country. His success is widely credited for the positive growth in the popularity of chess here, a role model to thousands of Indian school children and arguably one of the country's most successful sportsmen. Nowadays you have to consciously force yourself to take brave decisions but at the same time keep calm demeanour while playing, as said by him. Thus that proves that India has more talents like Anand, who due to insufficient training are lacking behind that can out number and beat other nations in chess and make them a rising star.

Benefits of Chess:

According to recent studies, an alarming number of children in Great Britain have shown poor aptitude when it came to their school work. Some of the reasons cited for this finding include poor memory, the presence of distractions, and an inability to focus or concentrate. These may sound like harmless statistics for most, but for parents, these are good indicators of their children's success in the future. As we all know, children who tend to not do well in school normally end up doing odd-end jobs without a formal education, thereby limiting their career opportunities in the process.

Experts have found out that one simple and inexpensive solution to take care of this cause mentioned above is to engage young children in cultivating an interest in playing chess games electronic or manual they may be.

Chess is essentially a mind game. It requires good memory and concentration, an ability to focus. Studies have shown to improve social and mental skills among children and adults. It might sound weird but it's true that engaging in this mind game does bring about an overall change and confidence reasons why you should encourage your children to play chess.

Earlier people or the education system might have denied that if chess should be included in the curriculum that many schools in India in different cities and states have already included this game in the curriculum and many schools might be looking forward in doing the same, so that this is applied throughout the whole nation. It's very clear that playing chess has its benefits, there is no doubt here.

Quality coaching at SMCA & Why SMCA is the Cream

SMCA encourages people especially students who have a knack for chess to take up this game at a top level which could be achieved through a Qualified team of professionals and offering training programs to enhance your skills and fulfilling your thirst in wanting to exhale in this game in future . SMCA wants to bring about positive changes through the awareness of Media, so that this message reaches to every corner of the country thus creating passion and an optimistic thinking about this game. It takes a high degree of intellect to be able to comprehend the game as well as being able to play it well with focus and intensity. Quality Coaching at SMCA is done by professional mentors who provide competent coaching techniques, using of point system, positive environment which are essential requisites to create genius in chess, before sending them for tournaments. SMCA not only involves in Quality coaching, but bears down on motivating the kids through interesting coaching manual, thus helping in conscious awareness of this game. Confidence and happiness comes in as a reward for children for each Trophy they gain at SMCA. We make kids enjoy before embarking on a chess adventure through the best of our training.

Internal Tournaments

SMCA believes that constant exposure, and a favourable environment is required to achieve optimal results that makes chess players gain confidence, besides enhancing their skills.

Beyond SMCA

Mumbai has no dearth of chess players, it's just that we need to look for talented people eager to learn, innovate and overcome challenges. At SMCA Besides having their personal team of dedicated highly professional full time coaches, SMCA is one such institute who has International rated players, International masters & Grand masters visiting our academy to teach kids the art of the game, this chess lessons benefits the kids to master their talent and imply this in their future game. At SMCA we provide a virtual classroom setting, using the learning platform developed to satisfy your needs.

Goals & Ambitions of SMCA

We have created many good talents in the field of chess in the last 18 years the most recent being Dev shah to be continued...

We are working and will positively create more great talents in this field. We are determined and want more geniuses, and Grandmasters to emerge out of Maharashtra. Our goal is to produce maximum grandmasters from Maharashtra as there are good amount of talented players who could be easily converted into world class champions, say's SMCA CEO ,Nagesh Guttula.

We have been promoting chess programs in various schools, colleges and clubs in Mumbai, to bring a quality change in this game, not only nationally but on an international level which is in line of SMCA Goals & Ambitions.

SMCA is successfully managed by Mr. Nagesh and FM Balaji Guttula.

What has Media to talk about chess

In terms of Media, chess had remained very poor and silent, however due to the rapid changes in the past 5 to 7 years. Recently India clinched Bronze medal in the biennial Olympiad held in Norway 2014, the best ever performance. The Game is growing at the Grassroots, and is now on the curriculum in the states of Tamil Nadu and Gujarat, and is taught at many schools across the country. The educational value of the game is why many Indian Parents are encouraging their children to play the game. There is a significant attraction towards this game as it's widely believed it began in the country.

What SMCA does for underprivileged talented kids

SMCA also supports the Underprivileged talented kids interested in Chess, we sponsor the cost of coaching & tournaments whatever maybe required in order to groom them become professional players in future, as Underprivileged kids need opportunities and support to help them succeed and reach their goal so that they can see a ray of hope. Over all this will not only help kids to rise from the present environment they might be living at present, but also enabling them to a path opening more opportunities, says SMCA chairman FM Balaji Guttula.

What makes SMCA so strong?

It would not have been possible without the tremendous support and encouragement that we received by sponsors, corporate bodies, political party's & parents, and well wishers and also for giving in their valuable time for SMCA and supporting us at every great move of ours!

Let's not forget the most important benefit of chess for both kids and adults is that it's a tremendous amount of fun! After all "Chess is the gymnasium of the mind."

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